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Top 5 : Travel Fitness Solutions

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If you are keen on staying in shape, traveling can make things difficult. With a lack of routine and unfamiliar food choices, your fitness regime can crumble unless you take action. Thankfully, these five travel fitness solutions are designed to make keeping fit easy wherever you are.


Suspension Trainers

One of the most popular pieces of travel fitness gear is a suspension trainer. They are essentially long cords that fit over the back of doors or trees, allowing you to suspend yourself from them and carry out a wide range of exercises. The most popular brand is TRX, but there are many other brands offering similar products at lower prices.



Another option is the XBAR FLYT, which uses a combination of a lightweight bar and resistance bands. It packs down into a small package that won’t be too bulky in your bag.


Jump Rope

For cardio, you can always go for a run, but, if it’s not safe or appealing to do so, a jump rope can be a good alternative. It’s incredibly tiring jumping up and down!


Pylo Loops

If you are really short on space in your bag, pack some pylo loops. These small bands fit around your thighs and calves, providing resistance for exercises such as squats and sit ups.


Muscle Massager

Keep your muscles supple using a travel muscle massager. Recovery is all important in good training, so use a muscle massager in transit when you can’t stretch.


Don’t worry if you can’t find a gym while you’re on holiday. All of this gear is designed to get you working out, even in less than optimum environments.


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