Canadian Foods to Try

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Heading to Canada this year? While perhaps not traditionally thought of as a major foodie destination, like maybe Italy or France, this country offers a bounty of amazing culinary treats, from Vancouver to Prince Edward Island.

The top Canadian food you’re probably already familiar with is poutine. The Canadian version of American chili cheese fries, this dish piles the fries high and tops them with cheese curds and brown gravy. While that’s the classic, there are plenty of restaurants out there changing up the game and adding their own spins on the old standard, mixing and matching cuisines atop their fries for brand-new concoctions.

Montreal bagels could go head to head with New York’s any day. Denser and sweeter than those found at your favorite NYC bakery, these are great plain with a cup of coffee all while roaming the walkable streets of Montreal.

While you’re in Toronto, you can stop by the St. Lawrence Market for a taste of peameal bacon, which looks nothing like the bacon you’re likely used to. This pork cured and covered in cornmeal is served best atop a steamy, warm bun, maybe with a slather of mustard. It’s not exactly a healthy breakfast, but it’s definitely a tasty one.

You’ve heard of Tim Hortons (and maybe even tried one in the States), but have you gone to BeaverTails? You can find this pastry shop throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. The glorious, donut-type creation bares a striking similarity to a beaver’s tail (of course) and is topped with sugary treats like candy, Nutella and cookies.

To wash it all down? Try Canada’s national cocktail, the Caesar. Our northern neighbor’s take on the Bloody Mary is made from vodka, clamato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire.

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