Flotation Therapy

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We live in a world full of stresses and anxiety triggers, so it is no surprise people are always looking for new ways to relax. Flotation therapy offers a new opportunity for non-thrill seekers. Think of it as the spa version of a sensory deprivation tank.

More and more of these stress relief centers are popping up all over the country, including Float Sixty in Chicago. When you arrive at Float Sixty, you are struck by the clean, bright and hip industrial feel of this lower-level space. There are different kinds of float experiences in which you can partake, but the standard float recommended for beginners is 60 minutes.

Upon arrival, you are led into your own suite equipped with a shower and a flotation chamber. Showering before and after your float is necessary, before to remove oils and dirt from your body, and afterwards to remove the salt. When you are showered and have your ear plugs in place, you enter the flotation chamber for 60 minutes of floating on a cloud of approximately 10 inches of Epsom salt water. The water is set to match your body temperature and you can maintain a low level of lighting, or float in total darkness (highly recommended). This process is soothing, and the only warning is for those with sensitive skin since the high salt concentration may temporarily irritate your skin.

The 60-minute float gives your mind just enough time to settle down and the relaxation benefits are felt for days afterwards. Float Sixty provides organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner, as well as a grooming station, a mediation room and relaxation rooms where you can unwind long after your float has concluded.

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