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For the last couple of years, there has been a steady return to unisex fashion trends, expanded from the usual clothing items to how stores organize, brand and market products. Some retailers, including Target, eliminated gendered departments in some of the brick-and-mortar operations, while others piloted genderless concept spaces. The British department store Selfridges created a space on the website called Agender, which attempts to eliminate gendered distinctions at every level of the retail experience. More and more retailers experiment with unisex sizing and colors, as well as department labels.

This year will see an increase in non-exclusive branding schemes in beauty and grooming as well. What do these streamline changes mean for the consumer? This is not just a push to make packaging and branding more gender neutral but also a move toward appealing to a wider variety of cultures and interests that consumers might have in common. That is not to say branding is not a significant part of this trend. The gender-neutral apothecary style is on the rise with products like Aesop, the Ordinary and Elemental skincare.

When it comes to beauty products, people are often interested in how those products apply to their everyday style, culture and practices. Companies work on marketing directly to health, economic and environmental interests like travel, fitness and vegan skin care, to name only a few. Check out these to see some of the products available now.

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