A Messy Affair, Germany’s Mud Olympics

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The Olympic Games are one of the most widely watched sporting events in the world. Of course, leave it to the Germans to find a way to make Olympic events even more fun: by adding mud to the mix.


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Germany’s Mud Olympics has quickly become a favorite pastime among both locals and tourists alike. They’re dirty, dark and raging good fun for both competitors and spectators alike. Best of all, the proceeds go toward helping cancer patients.


Held each year in July, the Mud Olympics began in 2004 and feature a handful of sporting events like football, sled racing and volleyball — all in the mud. It’s a messy affair as you can probably imagine. The money garnered from tickets goes directly to charity and the event is put on entirely by sponsors, so it’s a great opportunity to have a good time while contributing to an even greater cause.



Nearly 50 participants have partaken in the events in the past few years with numbers expecting to rise. The events begin with a parade of the athletes and the lighting of the Mud Olympic Flame. After the games are over, the audience is treated to a medal ceremony and then a live concert suitable for all ages.


Tickets are only €5, so if you ever find yourself near Brunsbuettel in July, this is a must-see!


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