Giving Experiences as Gifts Rather Than Things

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Research shows people who spend their money on experiences are happier than those that spend on material things.


By the same measure, it could also be argued experiences make better gifts than goods. Instead of buying someone a pair of socks or a woolly jumper, why not give them a day to remember?


There are plenty of companies that offer so-called days, such as rally driving experiences or hot air balloon rides. While these can be a fun gift, they also tend to be relatively expensive.


Sometimes when it comes to gifts, it’s more about the thought than the expense. Of course, this can depend from person to person, so it’s worth considering whom you are buying for.


However, many people would enjoy a day out that takes in some of their favorite things. It might not cost much to go to the ice rink, but taking your girlfriend or boyfriend there could mean a lot if that is where you went on your first date.


Similarly, you could also organize tickets to that theater show that someone has been talking about seeing, or take them to the restaurant they’ve been trying to get a reservation for. Despite what the adverts tell us, the best gifts don’t have to come in small boxes. Sometimes they are better off coming from the heart


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