Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Gets High-End Touches

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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, one of the country’s most popular attractions, is about to get a high-end finish in the form of a new underground spa, luxury hotel and “signature restaurant.”


The Moss Hotel is preparing to open this fall at the Blue Lagoon, which has seen expansions and upgrades since last year. The lagoon was enlarged and new systems were added to reduce wait time and lines.


The new hotel will be built into a moss-covered lava flow and powered by sustainable energy. Rooms will offer private access to the Blue Lagoon.


Iceland’s incredible tourism boom helped funnel visitors to the Blue Lagoon, as well as other attractions that show off the country’s incredible landscape.


The mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon, which glow with an ethereal, glacial blue, are located along Iceland’s Reykjanes Preninsula. It contains 9 million liters of geothermally heated seawater.


The lagoon currently features a sauna, steam room, waterfall, lounge, café, swim-up bar and in-water massage treatments.


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