Most Instagrammed Tourist Attractions

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Since Instagram was unveiled in 2010, it’s grown to be an integral part of vacationing. It’s easy to upload photos to the app, share photos or videos of beloved memories or in the moment activities and document your trip for your friends and family.

Before Instagram, however, travelers would hear about amazing vacation spots through word of mouth, conduct research and book a trip without necessarily seeing the entire destination prior to arrival. With the advent of social media, we visually experience a vacation before actually traveling. After all, if people post photos of Disney World, it must be worth taking a trip there, right?

Check out the some of the most Instagrammed attractions in countries around the world based on the number of tags on the social media platform. Spoiler alert, Disneyland in California reigns supreme in America.


Disneyland, Calif.

Is it really any surprise it’s ranked first? It’s every child’s and adult’s dream spot. With more than 14 million tags, it takes its rightful spot as the most Instagrammed attraction in the world.


Walt Disney World, Fla.

Disney World is truly the place of dreams. The Florida complex exists on more than 27,000 acres of land with more than 30 on-site hotels, six entertainment parks, multiple golf course and even a campground.


South Beach, Fla.

Referred to as SoBe, South Beach is a beachside neighborhood in Miami. It’s known for being a day-and-night party town, but the beach is nice enough to convince you to forgo partying for a day.


Berlin Wall, Berlin

The Berlin Wall, which one stood to separate the East and West, has now been mostly torn down. Today, what little of the wall that’s left is covered in graffiti that people flock to to take photos.


Las Vegas Strip, Nev.

The four-mile Strip is part of South Las Vegas Boulevard, full of hotels, casinos and copies of different attractions around the world.


Big Ben, London

Many people know Big Beg as the nickname of London’s clock tower, but it actually started as the nickname of just the bell inside. Over time, the name shifted to refer to the whole clock and tower, even though its official name is the Elizabeth Tower.

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