The International Influence of Cuban Ballet

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Ballet is incredibly popular in Cuba and the most famous dancers are revered as celebrities. In addition to the great standing of ballet on the island, the influence of Cuban ballet on the global scene has been increasing. Thanks to Alicia Alonso, the prima ballerina who set up the Cuban National Ballet, the Caribbean island has become an important part of the world ballet community.

Alonso is known for her conservatism, and Cuban ballet tends to be traditional. This led to complaints from certain dancers about the lack of possibilities for exploring newer styles, and there are often defections when the Cuban ballet goes on tour abroad.

Despite the unique conditions that affect the Cuban ballet, it’s a top producer of dancers and choreographers. Alonso is now in her late 90s, and there is uncertainty over what comes next for the ballet that she still controls.

Perhaps there will be a new generation of Cuban ballet chiefs willing to try out new ideas and bring the latest trends in the art form to the island. That is certainly what a great number of dancers are hoping for, and fans will surely be excited to see it too.

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