LGBTQ: Gran Canaria

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Gran Canaria has been a bastion of gay culture since the olden days when the Catholic Church would exile those with different leanings here to keep them out of the public view. Ever since, the locals embraced a diverse population where minorities are championed. LGBTQ folks will feel right at home on the island.

Yumbo Centre

Playa de Ingles is the de facto gay center of Garn Canaria and where you’ll find Yumbo Centre, a shopping mall that is also one of the largest conglomerations of gay bars and shops in the world. Popular hangouts include Terry’s Show, a great place for Spanish drag, and Mantrix, where most of the younger crowd can be found.

Sand Dunes

Gran Canaria beaches are littered with sand dunes, but the ones near the Riu Hotel in Playa de Ingles is where the gay men flock. Near kiosk No. 7, you’ll find large swaths of scantily clad fellas, and a few women, enjoying the sun.

Canarias Gay

One of the best ways to see the spectacular views of the island is to hop on a boat tour and surf the waves. Canarias Gay is a gay-owned boat tour that provides wonderful opportunities to explore, while also plying you with plenty of food and fun.

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