Medical Tourism: Combine Treatment with Travel

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Organizations like Doctors Without Borders and the Peace Corps have been sending trained professionals to underprivileged regions of the world for years in an effort to provide high-level medical care to those who cannot afford it or who lack access. Countries have been welcoming with open arms this less-expensive treatment from highly-skilled visitors.


But now a new branch of tourism developed from this decades-old tradition and combines receiving discounted medical procedures with sightseeing and adventure. Americans are traveling to places where they can receive the same medical procedures they can receive in the States but at a discounted rate, and dive into the local culture simultaneously. To learn more about this growing trend, here are some of the most popular destinations.



Because most of the citizens speak English, a second language isn’t necessary to receive almost any treatment or procedure imaginable. Prices for procedures are up to 90 percent cheaper than those of the same nature in the United States.


Costa Rica

Brush up on your Spanish and head to the capital city where a plethora of hospitals employ American-trained physicians. Recovery rooms are located in hotels and feature 24-hour care.



This Southeast Asian nation may take the cake as one of the top spots for medical tourism. Some hospitals offer “meditours” or combination packages that feature health tests, a hotel room and a dinner cruise.



Prices aren’t quite as low as you may find in Asia, but for those not willing to travel so far, the Eastern European nation is an excellent alternative, with prices about half the cost of those in the United States. On your trip, explore the incredible city of Budapest, which is quickly becoming a major tourist destination.


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