Natural Luxury: Treehotel

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If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a tree house, here’s your chance. Treehotel, located in a small village in Sweden, gives you the opportunity to relax almost 20 feet off the ground in a luxury “treeroom.”


Treehotel currently offers six different treerooms, and every room is different from the last, each designed and furnished by some of the country’s top architects. No worries — you won’t have to climb up a rope ladder to reach your hideaway. Each room can be reached by bridge, ramp or stairs.


One of the most intriguing treerooms available is the Mirrorcube. Completely covered in mirrored panels and suspended in the air, you’ll completely miss the Mirrorcube unless you’re looking for it, as it reflects the trees, ground and sky on all sides. Inside you’ll find the room sleeps two and includes a rooftop terrace and sitting area. An equally camouflaged option is the Bird’s Nest, which looks exactly how it sounds. Regardless of its hidden exterior, the Bird’s Nest is actually quite spacious on the inside and is large enough for a family of four.


Treehotel – The story from Treehotel of Sweden on Vimeo.


One of Treehotel’s biggest concerns is environmental sustainability. No trees are harmed in the creation of the accommodations, and the majority of the labor is locally sourced. Every room features chemical-free wood, hydroelectric heating and combustion toilets. While you do have your own half bath in your room, you’ll have to leave your cozy retreat to locate the showers, as well as the sauna. Meals are served in a vintage kitchen alongside your hosts and other guests, or you can choose to have your meals delivered straight to your room.


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