New Millennial-Targeted Airline from Air France

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Air France is aiming for new heights with an entire airline dedicated to the interests and needs of traveling millennials.

Europe has seen a handful of discount airlines within the past few years, which has made flying around and to and from the continent affordable and accessible for all budgets. Air France began to lose business to these low-cost competitors and, in response, hopes to launch its own version of affordable airfare with partner airline KLM.

Beginning this winter, the airline, called Boost, will debut 18 new medium-haul jets for shorter flights to nearby destinations like Spain and Turkey, and, by 2020, Air France hopes to introduce long-haul equipment for a wider range of travel to the Middle East and Asia.

Boost will set itself apart from other discount airlines by including amenities and a la carte services in its prices, while other low-cost players continue to charge for these services.

Although prices may not be as cheap as WOW Air or Norwegian Air, the Air France airline touts it will be targeted to millennial travelers with onboard snacks, drinks and entertainment, more akin to the onboard environment of Virgin America. As such, Boost can be more accurately identified as a lower-cost airline rather than a low-cost airline.

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