Philadelphia to Open Museum of the American Revolution

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America’s one-time capital city of Philadelphia plans to further display its historical archives to the public. Just a few blocks from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and the famous Liberty Bell, a museum dedicated to America’s independence from Great Britain will open this April.


The Museum of the American Revolution will house information, rebuilt displays and interactive experiences that convey the story of the birth of America as an independent nation. Exhibits will trace the history from the early conflict with Native Americans, to the Revolutionary War with Great Britain, and every moment and event that led to the nation’s early evolution. Other exhibits include “Writing State Constitutions,” which will show samples of early Constitution drafts from 1776, and a replica of the Boston Liberty Tree where colonists gathered to discuss their early ideas for revolt and independence.


Exhibits continue to tell the story as the colonies revolted and went to war with Great Britain. From the Boston Tea Party to the winter at Valley Forge to the final days in Yorktown, Va., visitors will go on a journey with the American colonists as they fight for independence.


The museum is scheduled to open in mid-April, with tickets already on sale. Admission is $19 for adults, and $17 for military members and students.


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