Rooftop Tents for Your Car

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Tents that fix to the roof of your car have many advantages, including easy set-up and improved flexibility.


Instead of searching for a flat campground, you can pull up wherever you want and have your tent ready in seconds. Bigger rooftop tents are suitable for trucks, but smaller versions can also be fitted to cars.


One disadvantage is the extra cost associated with rooftop tents, which tend to be pricey. At $800, the Mombasa Adventure II tent is one of the most affordable models, and it sleeps three people.


Another option is the CVT Mt. Rainier, which offers a huge amount of sleeping area. It also makes use of the overhang with an awning section that can be used for relaxing in the evening or as additional sleeping space for more campers. At $1,895, it’s not cheap, but it can fit an entire family.


For those with smaller vehicles, the Smittybuilt Overlander is a top choice. Weighing in at just 118 pounds, it won’t place too much strain on cars and smaller racks. It sells for $850.


At the top of the market is the James Baroud Evasion tent, a hard-shell model that has room for two adults and a child. These tents are considered among the best on the market, and prices vary depending on local stockists.


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