Travel-Oriented Careers

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For some, traveling is a necessity. Moving around countries is exciting and seen as another great adventure. The only way to make this dream a reality is to have the means to financially support oneself. Money is essential to travel and getting the most out of each location. Thankfully, many careers allow for travel.


Freelance Writer/Photographer

This is a popular career for those traveling. Freelance writing is not contained to just travel writing. It can be done for any company looking for someone to write about a specific niche. With this career, you will be location independent with only an internet connection needed.


ESL Teacher

More popular than ever is teaching English abroad. There are hundreds of programs that allow people to teach in another country, whether they are certified or not. Some programs even include certification so if you return home a career in the education field is possible.


Tour Guide

For some extra cash in a foreign country, become a tour guide. This means you are knowledgeable about the country and the area you are giving a tour in. This job is better suited for those that lived in a country for an extended period of time. Speaking English is definitely an advantage because there are many English-speaking tourists.

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