Raving in Lexton: Australia’s Rainbow Serpent Festival

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Join thousands of strangers for non-stop dancing and celebrating during the Rainbow Serpent Festival. Located in small town, rural Lexton in Victoria, Australia, the festival brings thousands to this otherwise small town.



The term Rainbow Serpent comes from aboriginal mythology that the serpent shaped the Earth and remains protector of the land.


Rainbow Serpent Festival celebrates aboriginal beliefs and traditions with continuous electronic music and dancing, amusing costumes, artistic expression and more.



The three-day Rainbow Serpent Festival begins Jan. 27, during Australia’s summer. This event has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1998, and is now an internationally recognized festival.


With five stages to choose from ranging in style and popularity, there will be plenty of entertainment options over the course of the festival. The Main Stage, Market Stage, Sunset Stage, Chillout Stage and Playground State range from big production shows for headliners to more intimate and laid-back parties.


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