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Traveling to Iran as a U.S. citizen has always been a bit dicey, or at least since the Islamic Revolution began in that country in 1979. That revolution famously saw the ouster of the Shah and his scrambling out of the country to avoid what could only have been certain death. Additionally, the takeover of the U.S. Embassy saw both a prolonged hostage crisis as well as frosty relations with the new Islamic Republic and the United States, breaking off diplomatic relations.


Presently, there is a State Department warning for Americans traveling to Iran, but there is one for half the countries in the world. Iran, despite the country’s devotedly religious ruling class, on a fairly grand scale, is a country of primarily secular, open-minded people. In addition to a deep cultural history, sprawling landscape and phenomenal food, the country has a lot to offer the traveler whatever speed you’re interested in, at any given time. It’s fairly easy to travel from place to place and the terrain and weather can change drastically.


Relations with the nation have largely improved during the Obama administration and the subsequent nuclear agreement.


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