WOW Air Offers Rock Bottom Prices

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It is fall and the price of flights from the United States to a variety of locations has begun to drop. The summer tourism season ended, but the holiday travel season has not yet gotten into full swing, making it an ideal time to travel. There is also a newer airline on the market offering even more impressive deals than the ones already out there. Every once in a while an airline like this starts to gain popularity, and travelers are left wondering if all the hype is warranted until the dust settles and the longevity of the company becomes clear.

This time around it is WOW air and they are offering some jaw-dropping fares and flights out of lesser-known airports. This airline has been in existence since 2011 and originated in Iceland. WOW serves destinations in the United States, Europe and Asia. In the past, they made a push in American markets, offering great layover options in Iceland.

Recently, they have began flying out of smaller international airports like Cincinnati (CVG), Cleveland (CLE) and Pittsburgh (PIT). This November, they offer flights to Stockholm (ARN) for as low as $149.99 round-trip. If you can book well in advance for 2018, you can fly to any number of European locations for as low as $99.99 out of hubs all over the country.

This may well be the quality and price point that will give you the chance to travel two or three times as much as you otherwise would in 2018.

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