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Under $100: Livingston, Guatemala

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The port town of Livingston is a popular stop for travelers on their way to Belize and offers a chance to get to know the local Garifuna community.

Start your day with breakfast at Comedor Mary, where you’ll get eggs, beans, cheese, tortillas and coffee for just $2.50. Hang around for a spot of people watching as locals pop in to read the paper over coffee or grab a bite to eat.

After breakfast, take a walk along the beach to Siete Altares, a series of freshwater waterfalls and pools that flow into the Bahia de Amatique. It’s a 1.5-hour walk, but it’s worth the trek. If you don’t fancy walking the whole way, take a tuk tuk to the suspension bridge and walk 30 minutes from there. Once inside, you can cool off in the water and take a look around various exhibition rooms that tell the story of how the Garifuna arrived on this remote peninsula ($3).

Walk back along the beach and stop for lunch at Hotel y Restaurante Gotay. A plate of fish and rice will set you back $4 and a beer $2, and it’s a relaxing spot on the beach.

After allowing your food to digest, take a walk back to the center of town and go for a drink at Ubafu bar. Chill out during the afternoon and find out if there will be live music in the evening, as there is most nights (drinks $2.50). Another option for live music is Tropicool Disco, while Hotel Villa Caribe has a more formal atmosphere and Garifuna drumming during dinner service.

Eat a traditional tapado­ — a coconut-based seafood soup — at El Malecon restaurant ($15) before heading down to the beachfront bars for a nightcap and some dancing (beers $2).

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