Bachelor Parties in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is as good a spot for a bachelor party as South America, or the Americas for that matter, can offer those for an unforgettable though easily forgotten night of revelry before your friend commits to tying the knot.


This is a city that doesn’t get started until after midnight. So let’s start with the menu knowing you’re going to need a full stomach to get through the night.


But before dinner, as dinner starts quite late in Buenos Aires and midnight reservations are often the most sought after in town, head with your boys to the horse track in Palermo. There is something delightful about a near-summer evening while watching some of the most majestic creatures in all their athletic splendor and betting on them. Plus it’s a great excuse for all of you to wear fedoras.


While BA has a number of fantastic restaurants in a country that really leaves something to be desired in a culinary sense, there is no arguing the fact the country does steak well and that’s why you should head to The New Brighton for incredible steaks and a true “man’s man” atmosphere that encourages large parties to get raucous while celebrating a last hoorah.


Finally, or perhaps not, depending on who you meet, head to the Crobar and sit down for bottle service in the VIP area as tonight is meant to be a special night.


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