Bachelor Party in Montreal

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Whether you call it a bachelor party, a stag do or just a last hurrah, this is one of the nights of your life you will never forget (though you might forget some parts if your groomsmen have anything to say about it).


Montreal is perfect for revelry and there are a whole host of options available to your group in one of Canada’s most famous party towns.


If you can manage to get a ticket, a great way to kick off the evening is to watch one of the NHL’s finest teams, the Montreal Canadians. Don’t hold back and cheer along; these fans are some of the most passionate and verbal in all of sports.


You are going to need a full stomach to last the distance, so a hearty meal is surely in the cards before you go out on the tear. Joe Beef serves up great steak and seafood and the friendly atmosphere means you may end up ordering an extra bottle (or half a dozen) of Bordeaux to wash down the meat, but you are close to the historic Atwater market so you won’t have to worry about taxis.


If you arrive in late June, the Montreal Jazz Festival will be in full swing and you probably couldn’t avoid it if you tried, but why would you want to?. If something a little more adult is in order, a trip to one of the many “Canadian ballets” may take your fancy and why not? It’s not everyday you get married, so whether or not you even tell your bride to be about it she will surely understand. Club Downtown is a favorite with the locals and visitors alike and Pink Paradise is only 15 minutes from the airport on the north shore of downtown Montreal.


When it comes to finally laying your head, the Novotel on Mountain comes highly recommended right in the heart of the city, just yards from the Bell Centre. This place is ideally situated and you will not be the first bachelor party to stay for the weekend.


So get your passport, change some cash and hold on tight for a weekend of fun-filled debauchery in Montreal.


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