From Bar Hopping to Vineyard Hopping

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Recent years have seen huge increases in the popularity of wine and as traditional barhopping loses its luster, vineyard hopping is quickly becoming a staple for bachelorette party celebrations.


As a great way to enjoy beautiful scenery, quality time with your wedding party and delicious wine, winery tours are replacing the traditional bar experience that has long dominated the pre-wedding tradition.


Many travel brands are embracing the trend with hotels offering tailored bachelorette party packages including guided wine tours such as La Tourelle Resort and Spa in the Finger Lakes and Napa Valley Hotel and Suites. Tour groups like Rockin’ Wine in Temeula, Calif., Vintage Tours in Long Island, and North Fork Wine Tours in Greenport, N.Y., offer private transportation, guided vineyard and winery tours and tastings.


Gone are the days of deafening noise, overcrowded bars, long drink lines and waiting for cabs. Now, ladies are celebrating in style and exploring some of the country’s finest wineries in celebration of their big day. It’s not a wedding without wine, and now thanks to this new trend, it’s not a bachelorette party without wine either. We’ll cheers to that.


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