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1990s’ Movies to Inspire Travel

by Nia Scott

Nov 30, 2018

Africa © Ecophoto | Dreamstime

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The 1990s was an amazing time that produced great music and movies. Many of the films from that decade are still watched. Everyone of a certain age has a favorite movie from the 90s and might have a story about how the film inspired their life. These films specifically inspire feelings of wanderlust and encourage travel.


Leonardo DiCaprio was at his prime in the 90s. He was a gorgeous young man who had the entire world waiting on his every word to see what he would say and do in front of a camera. Thankfully, DiCaprio kept himself under control and is living a good life. In the 90s, he was in a movie called The Beach, about a young man who goes to Thailand and finds a group living in paradise. The film inspires watchers to get on a plane and find their own paradise somewhere in the world and to find the perfect people to go along.


The Lion King was released in the 90s as well and not only inspires children to chase their dreams and be thankful for their family, but also makes viewers want to visit the jungle. Travelers can watch the movie and feel the desire to go to Africa and live among the animals. The Lion King shows animals have emotions. This adds to the wanderlust by romanticizing the wild animals and giving them human traits.




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