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by Eugenia Lazaris

Jan 17, 2020

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Ride Cabin offers adventure seekers traveling between Los Angeles and San Francisco a unique way to reach their destination: a sleeper bus. While you have several options for travel between the two cities (a quick and boring flight or an eight-hour scenic drive), RideCabin expands your choices to include a convenient and comfortable third option.


They’ve taken the sleeper cars associated with train travel and put them in a convenient bus that travels nightly between these two West Coast cities. Passengers board, get comfy in their bed, and enjoy a good night’s sleep while they are taken to their destination.


Passengers board the bus in one city at night, ride in comfort throughout the night, and arrive rested and refreshed the following morning. The bus is equipped with a shared, onboard bathroom and guests can enjoy complimentary slippers, melatonin gummies and ear plugs. Each sleeper cabin is equipped with a privacy curtain, a power station and comfortable bedding.


The ride alleviates your need to be burdened with stressful airport experiences or with doing the lengthy drive yourself. Instead you get to stretch out your legs and arrive relaxed and rested in the morning. Buses leave nightly at 11 p.m. and you have the freedom of arriving mere minutes before your departure time. They arrive at the destinations at 7 a.m. the following morning.


This trip is ideal for someone looking for a unique travel experience who only wants to spend a day in one of these beautiful cities, particularly if you don’t want to spend a night in a pricey hotel. Spending your sleeping hours in a comfortable bed while you travel frees you up during your waking hours to enjoy yourself and see the sites before you board another bus to return home the following night.



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