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7 Can’t-Miss Spots in Haiti

by Holly Riddle

Jan 7, 2019
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  • In 1804, Haiti marked the New Year by proclaiming its independence from France. The Caribbean country was the first independent nation in Latin America and the second independent nation in the Americas. To celebrate its 215 years of independence, here are seven of the can’t-miss spots in Haiti. © Rafał Cichawa |
  • The royal residence of a self-imposed monarch and former slave, Sans-Souci Palace was mostly destroyed in an 1842 earthquake. Never rebuilt, this “Versailles of the Caribbean” is safe to visit and a stop on many regional tours. © Richarson Dorvil |
  • Found on many cruise itineraries, Labadee is likely the only spot in Haiti many international travelers ever see. There’s a beach, adventure activities and shopping, but, while Labadee is beautiful, there’s more to explore beyond this tourist-driven locale. © Harris Shiffman -
  • Situated among the mountaintops and draped in a curtain of fog, Citadelle Laferriere was built after the Haitians declared independence to protect against French invasions. Beyond the historic architecture, the spot provides breathtaking views of the landscape. © Dlrz4114 |
  • Nearby, the domed ruins of Site des Ramiers stand as the first public construction project undertaken by newly freed slaves. It served as a library and, along with the Citadelle and Sans-Souci Palace, makes up a large UNESCO World Heritage site. © Rafał Cichawa |
  • Jacmel, a southern port city, was founded in 1698. Historic architecture now finds new life as art galleries and hotels. A popular travel spot with its international events, including Carnival and a film festival, Jacmel promises beautiful beaches and waterfalls right outside town. © Louise Rivard |
  • Port-Salut is popular with regional tourists, but not so much the international crowd. With beautiful beaches and hotels, the destination is yet to be discovered by the mainstream. © Louise Rivard |
  • The Bassin Blue swimming hole is reached via an easy hike. Waterfalls, dense jungle and a secluded spot all combine for a truly unforgettable experience. © Louise Rivard |
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