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7 of the World’s Most Spectacular Christmas Trees

by Holly Riddle

Dec 10, 2018
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  • As everyone knows, not all Christmas trees are equal. For the best of the best, look to these seven destinations that take trimming a tree to an entirely new level. © Moskwa |
  • Rio de Janeiro proudly claims the world’s largest floating Christmas tree. The metal structure includes nearly 1 million LED lights, aglow each night through Jan. 6, 2019. © Dabldy |
  • The Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree in Paris never fails to impress. Each year it boasts a new theme. This year, Piaget sponsors the tree, a little more traditional, decked out in green and gold ornaments. © Radu Razvan Gheorghe |
  • Every season, the Vatican Christmas Tree is donated from a different European country or region. This year’s tree hails from northern Italy and is accompanied by a life-sized Nativity scene sculpted entirely from sand. © Alfredo Ragazzoni |
  • In Mexico City, a huge, artificial Christmas tree takes center stage in Zócalo Square. Crowds flock to the square’s festive activities and celebrations, including live music, light shows and ice skating. © Byelikova |
  • Competing with the surrounding beauty of Milan’s Piazza del Duomo isn’t easy, but this Christmas tree lives up to the challenge. In addition to the tree, lit through Jan. 6, 2019, the piazza hosts nightly, holiday-themed performances through Christmas. © Alberto Ialongo |
  • You really don’t think this list could skip the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, do you? The tree’s lighting is a beloved national event for many, viewed countrywide and attracting thousands in person. The 2018 tree stands at 72 feet and is 75 years old, adorned with more than 50,000 lights. © Andrew Kazmierski |
  • The world’s tallest Christmas tree stands at more than twice that height. The tree at the Dortmund Christmas Market in Germany is no ordinary tree, though. It’s actually created from 1,700 smaller fir trees. © Moskwa |


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