A New Way to Experience La Rioja, Spain

by Holly Riddle

Jan 17, 2019

© Ivan Sinayko | Dreamstime

Tips / Destination

Do your 2019 travels include a trip to La Rioja, Spain? If so, there’s a new experience you’ll want to add to your itinerary.


The Vivanco Experience is tailored to American travelers visiting La Rioja. As an introduction to Vivanco Family Wines, there are three different variations of the experience to choose from, but all allow you to visit the winery, Museum of Wine Culture and winery restaurant in just a few hours.


The Museum of Wine Culture was founded in 2004 and has hosted hordes of wine lovers from around the world, as well as celebrities and dignitaries. It includes the Vivanco Foundation’s 4,000-piece private collection, alongside artwork by Picasso and Miro, as well as artifacts from ancient civilizations, showing humankind’s relationship with wine throughout the centuries.


The basic Vivanco Experience Tour starts at €43 and includes a walk through the Culture of Wine Museum, a tasting of Vivanco’s finest wines and free entrance to the temporary exhibit, “Dionysian Picasso.”


You can pair the Vivanco Experience Tour with a gourmet tapas experience, which includes three wines for a tasting and a special menu provided by Vivanco’s Tapas Bar, for €73. Additionally, you can pair the Vivanco Experience Tour with further foodie fun when you indulge in a food and wine pairing seasonal menu at Restaurant Vivanco, dining on traditional La Rioja cuisine while enjoying views of the vineyards and mountains. The latter experience starts at €93.

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