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Accessories for Frequent Travelers

by Angelique Platas

Nov 8, 2018

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For those who work hard and play hard, it’s safe to assume there will be some travel in between. To maintain the appearance you’re put together, even when you may not be, you will need a sophisticated yet durable bag to bring along. Keep up the façade with a carry-on-meets-work-bag for future trips.


Customizable and Subtle

For all ages and purposes, Vessel bags come in a range of design options. You can choose your color and function, from chic tote bags and durable duffels that double as carry-ons to backpacks, briefcases and luggage. Each piece discretely contains personal items for any occasion while maintaining a professional, polished exterior.


Feminine and Fun

For something lightweight, organized and no-fuss, the JEMMA bag transitions from work to school, travel, meetings and daytrips. Neatly fitting a laptop, wallet, phone and a few essentials, like chargers and toiletries, JEMMA bags can easily replace your current carry-on.


While backpacks have been stylish again for awhile now, the Poppins backpack tote straddles the line, offering more bang for your buck. It transitions from tote to backpack, and back, and hides tech, wallets and important devices while offering easy access when you need them.


Professional and Classic

Something a bit more classic and masculine, Stow’s Jet Set collection is timeless. Check out the Capri Carry Case for £495, or about $568. The smallest in the luxe collection, but surprisingly spacious, this bag conceals important documents and can be carried three different ways, depending on posture and comfort. Another perk? It doesn’t fall open when propped up sitting on the floor.


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