AceSpade Poker Opener

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 15, 2019

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If you’re a lover of card games or simply enjoy collecting cool bottle openers, the AceSpade Poker Opener might be for you. This nifty card is made of solid titanium and is capable of opening any bottle imaginable. It also just looks pretty cool.


The AceSpade Opener is not exactly treading new ground or even providing a ton of functionality, but its stylish design could turn you into the coolest guy in a crowd. Shaped like the ace of spades, apparently the most valued card in the deck, the opener boasts incredibly smooth edges and a brushed finish for one sleek appearance. There are a number of reasons the AceSpade was designed with titanium. For starters, it has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, meaning your days of struggling to pop open a bottle of Coors are over, my friend. Second, it’s also the most biocompatible and safest metal for the human body.


But, honestly, we mostly just think it looks cool and love the fact it fits in your wallet. The fact you could use it if you ever open a deck and are missing the ace of spades is just a perk.

The AceSpade Poker Opener is set to retail for the insane price of $109, with first shipments to begin June 2019. Head over to the website to see what other, if any, nifty features it holds.



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