Acme Made Skinny Sleeve

by Brandon Schultz

Aug 7, 2019

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Toting tech along on journeys is no longer just for the business traveler reviewing spreadsheets on the plane and giving presentations in hotel conference rooms. From bloggers and content producers to social media mavens, dedicated gamers and even movie lovers looking for entertainment on long-hauls and abroad, just about everyone brings a laptop or tablet along on travels, making the fear of damaging these considerable investments a top concern. A quality protective sleeve can be the difference between a shoulder-shrug spill and a $1,000 drop, protecting devices from travel hazards ranging from leaks and spills to bangs and falls. Traveling 50 weeks per year, I recently tested several sleeves with my MacBook Pro and my hands-down favorite was the Acme Made skinny sleeve.

Available in a wide range of sizes (with a fitting guide for most major brands and styles of laptops and tablets), the Acme Made skinny sleeve packs powerful punch prevention with lightweight, no-fuss design that provides easy access to my laptop and doesn’t waste precious space in my carry-on bag. The neoprene stretchshell is both water- and stain-resistant and contains four layers of protection on both sides of my MacBook: water-resistant exterior, foam-rubber padding, firm protective barrier and soft, anti-scratch interior lining. The skinny sleeve is zipper-less to prevent scratching of devices, and, while I was admittedly leery of a sleeve that didn’t fully close, the elastic band keeps my device firmly in place, and the snug design of the sleeve actually holds it almost entirely still even when the band is not secured. My skinny sleeve works so ideallyit’s now my MacBook’s permanent home, whether I’m on the road or at home, providing 24-hour protection for my most precious cargo.

The Acme Made skinny sleeve comes in six color combinations and retails for $40. It can be purchased here, with additional sizes and finishes also available.


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