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Africa’s Fastest Train Connects Tangier and Casablanca

by Allie Moore

Jan 9, 2019

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco © Yakthai | Dreamstime

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Traversing the north of Africa used to mean lengthy train, bus, car or even caravan connections via camel. But the region is debuting a new high-speed train option that can connect major cities in Morocco.


The train was inaugurated last November by King Mohammed VI of Morocco and President Emmanuel Macron of France. The Al Boraq High Speed Train connects Tangier and Casablanca, Morocco, in just two hours and 10 minutes, a journey that used to take up to four hours and 45 minutes.


Shorter routes completed by the train include trips from Tangier to Kenitra, shortened from three hours to just 50 minutes, and Tangier to Rabat, from three hours and 45 minutes to one hour and 20 minutes.


Extensions from this line will mean trips from Tangier and Marrakesh will substantially decrease from nearly 10 hours to only four hours and 45 minutes.


With the initiation of this new train line, travel across North Africa will be quicker and more seamless than ever. The northern Moroccan city of Tangier’s location on the Mediterranean Sea makes it a suitable gateway into North Africa, while Casablanca has seen a recent renaissance in terms of international business and the reconstruction of historic buildings and landmarks.

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