Airbolt Travel Lock

by Jack Guy

Jun 20, 2019

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Travelers in high crime areas often worry about their bags, and a good travel lock can go a long way to reduce that anxiety.

The Airbolt promises to redesign the classic travel lock with a raft of new features, including Bluetooth connectivity. The features allow you to unlock the Airbolt using an app on your phone so you won’t have to worry about keys or combinations. However, there is a combination you can use as back-up if your phone dies.

Connectivity also allows you to keep track of your bag if it gets lost in transit, and you will get an alert if your bag suddenly moves further away from you. It is also TSA compliant, as you can allow access remotely.

The small lock and accompanying app are the result of thousands of hours of development, and there were five prototypes before the makers settled on a final model. It seems like they thought of answers to the obvious questions with connected locks, like what happens if your phone dies or customs officers cut it off as they can’t open it with their master key, so the Airbolt could be worth a go.

The lock will set you back $55 following a successful Kickstarter campaign.


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