Airhook 2.0

by Jack Guy

Jun 11, 2018

© Alusovna | Dreamstime.com

Products / Travel

Anything that improves comfort while traveling is a boon, and the Airhook 2.0 can seriously improve your journeys.

This patented, two-part system is designed as a mount for an electronic device and a stable drink holder for vehicles in which those amenities aren’t provided. If you’ve ever tried to prop up your phone or iPad on an airplane meal tray, the Airhook 2.0 will be a real bonus.

Simply hook the equipment over the tray and slot your device in, where it will be held securely for your viewing pleasure. No more sliding and falling down if you hit a bump. As an added bonus, the Airhook 2.0 also features a drink holder so you won’t miss your tray at all.

To use your Airhook 2.0 in a car, you can buy an accessory known as The Crossbar. It fits in between the headrest bars and gives you somewhere to hang the Airhook 2.0. It’s great for entertaining passengers on long drives.

The collapsible Airhook 2.0 looks like a convenient travel solution. It can support tablets up to 9.5 inches tall and drinks up to 16 ounces, with adjustable screen angles for maximum comfort.

The Airhook 2.0 will retail for $59.90 following a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. It will ship in December 2018, with free delivery around the world.

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