Amazon Fire HD10

by Holly Riddle

Feb 28, 2019

© Tomert | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

More affordable than an iPad, is the Amazon Fire HD10 a good choice?


The newest 10-inch tablet from Amazon is considered a great value. It has a high-resolution screen and comes with 32GB of storage. It has Alexa capabilities and access to all your favorite apps, but it comes with a catch — first and foremost, it promotes all of Amazon’s services, making it a little bit more difficult to find your own favorites. Want to watch your favorite shows? You’ll have to go out of your way to reach Netflix and Hulu, but Amazon Prime will be right at your fingertips.


Despite this, though, there are still plenty of perks. The tablet is light, not overly large and comes in an array of vibrant colors. At only $150, it’s plenty affordable and the plastic case is surprisingly sturdy. You won’t need to worry about dropping it without a case, though you probably shouldn’t try that.


If you’ve looked at other Fire tablets in the past and not liked what you’ve seen, just note there are some big upgrades to this latest version, most notably the new 1080-pixel screen (the previous version’s screen was a mere 720p). It also offers twice as much RAM and it runs 30 percent faster than the last Fire tablet.


If you don’t have an Amazon Echo or Dot, the Amazon Fire HD10 works just as well at some of the main functionalities, namely answering any basic questions or completing any basic commands you might have for Alexa. She can tell you the weather, start a song or play a show — so long as you have Amazon Prime.


If, in the end, you like Amazon’s services, you can’t go wrong with this tablet. However, if you have a little extra cash and don’t care for Prime, there might be a better tablet out there for you

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