Amparo Museum

by Benjamin Kerns

Mar 27, 2019

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The Amparo Museum is a collection of buildings in Puebla that house one of Mexico’s largest collections of historical artifacts and works of art. Its beautiful and unique design makes it a highpoint of any visit to the city.


The exhibits at the Amparo Museum cover the span from pre-Hispanic to modern times and it offers guided tours in both English and Spanish. The collections feature a variety of tools, figures, paintings and sculptures from both indigenous people before the Spanish Conquest and a few modern pieces, too. One of my favorite collections was the showcase of the Espinosa family, who lived in the building from 1971 and into the 80s. It features Colonial Puebla-era paintings and furniture, giving a wonderful look into the time period.


The section dedicated to contemporary art is housed in a newer, glass-enclosed area, and offers some pretty unique works of art. However, the Pre-Colombian galleries were the highlight of the trip. Whether you’re a fan of classical art, historical artifacts or contemporary pieces, the wonderful thing about the Amparo Museum is it offers a little of each for visitors to explore.


I would highly recommend a stop at the Amparo Museum when visiting Puebla. Its hours seem to vary throughout the week, so be sure to check out the website for more information on when to visit and how to book a tour.




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