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Andaz West Hollywood Unveils SHE’d Art Installation

by Kimberly Krol Inlander

Oct 27, 2021

Hollywood Boulevard © Mirko Vitali | Dreamstime

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The Sunset Strip’s Andaz West Hollywood partnered with Los Angeles-based and Black-owned Band of Vices art gallery to curate “SHE’d.” The installation features three female artists from the United States, South Africa and Poland — Sharon Louise Barnes, Leila Rose Fanner and Edyta Pachowicz — by displaying their work throughout the hotel’s Art Exhibit Mezzanine Level.


Twenty-one works are featured, revealing each woman’s perspective through varying techniques and palettes. On display through Dec. 31, both hotel guests and local residents and visitors can peruse the installation.


Sharon Louise Barnes works in mixed media, like acrylic and ink, and incorporates industrial materials and discarded items typically found on city streets to create abstract canvases. Her work highlights themes of marginalization, the potency of change and her African American heritage, with seven on display in “SHE’d,” including a 2021 trio of canvases, “Shadows Cut From Shadows Cut From Shade,” inspired by Langston Hughes.


Leila Rose Fanner lives and works in South Africa, the daughter of a Black American father and white South African mother. She didn’t know her father growing up, and she now creates silhouettes that represent unfinished stories and their sense of untapped potential. Six of Fanner’s pieces are included, like “Dragonfly II,” “Rose Blanket I” and “Serving For One – PICNIC Series.”


Born in Poland, but raised in the United States, Edyta Pachowicz creates contemporary interpretations of the human form. She uses a variety of mediums in her work, with a consistent methodology, linking pieces by the recurring idea of figures. Eight of Pachowicz’s works, including “Freckles for Days” and “In Anticipation of You,” are on display, with the intention to empower the viewer.


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