Apps for Stargazing

by Nia Scott

Aug 16, 2019

Stars © Denis Belitskiy | Dreamstime

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Clear night skies always make people want to look up and watch the stars. While lying on the ground and gazing at stars is a fun activity, it’s more enjoyable when gazers know what they’re looking at. This is where a handy stargazing app comes into play. A stargazing app will show users exactly what constellations, planets and satellites are in the sky.


Star Chart is a great app for stargazing. This app performs the normal functions of stargazing apps by showing users the stars and constellations above them in real time. This app goes further by offering a time travel feature. It can go about 10,000 years forward or backward in time. Users can see what the sky looked like when their ancestors gazed at the stars. In addition, the app has the capability to change the location to view the night sky from other points on Earth.


NASA created its own app to help fans keep track of what the agency is working on. The app provides users with inside information about different things happening within NASA. It updates people on NASA missions, news, features, tweets and even a live stream from NASA TV. It’s a great resource to learn more about astronomy and the organization’s advances.


This app is available exclusively for the iPad. It gives 180-degree views of the sky and shows information about any star or planet. Users can use the app to learn more about the sky and planets. You can touch any celestial object and a pop up with information will explain the object.



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