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Arctic Journeys for Wildlife

by Angelique Platas

Apr 16, 2020

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Traveling to the end of the earth for Arctic wonders may seem, well, like the end of the world — but thanks to G Adventures and National Geographic Expeditions, travelers seeking frozen tundra littered with incredible wildlife can actually visit the end of the world.


Arctic Penguins in Antarctica
Seeing penguins anywhere is a great time, but there’s no greater expedition than the end of the Earth: Antarctica. Traveling to Antarctica is not the simplest task, but most epic expeditions aren’t — and for good reason.


For travelers seeking a unique getaway, G Adventures, among many others, offer expertly led tours to the polar destination. There is something majestic about the vast frozen landscape, also home to 17 penguin species, including the mighty emperor.


Narwhals in the Arctic Circle
In keeping with the newly established bitter-cold theme, the Arctic Circle is another hot spot for incredible and unique wildlife. The Circle includes the frigid waters off the coasts of Greenland, Russia and Canada and is home to narwhals, rare tusked whales often nicknamed the unicorn of the sea. With just 80,000 left in the wild, these incredible creatures are worth the trip.


With National Geographic Expeditions, guests can see wildlife, stunning frozen landscapes and maybe even the midnight sun and aurora borealis.


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