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Aston Martin Driving Experience at Waldorf Astoria

by Erich Martin

Dec 3, 2019

ID 23021748 © Maen Zayyad | Dreamstime.com

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For years, Waldorf Astoria has partnered with different luxury car brands to offer guests the chance to get behind the wheel and test drive exclusive cars. Last year, the luxury Hilton brand signed an exclusive four-year partnership with Aston Martin Lagonda to offer six driving experiences per year all over the world.


The experiences take place in top destinations, including Dubai, Bangkok and Las Vegas. In October, I visited Las Vegas to experience the drive for myself, and I was totally blown away.


The partnership exists to give guests staying at Waldorf Astoria properties a taste of automobile luxury they might not quite be used to while enjoying the renowned luxury of Waldorf Astoria hospitality.


If you are a regular guest at Waldorf Astoria properties, keep an eye out for upcoming drive experiences. They take place on weekends and are complimentary for guests of the hotel. Certain people, like regular Aston Martin customers and local distributers, are also invited to take part in the test drive.


Before my drive, a professional driver greeted me. He went over every piece of the car and showed me the engineering marvels on display. After a brief walk around the car, we got in and he continued explaining the craftsmanship on display. Each Aston Martin is completely handmade. In the 106 years the brand has been in operation, it has made and sold about 85,000 cars.


Behind the wheel, I strolled out onto the Strip and made my way for the highway, making sure to make use of all of the car’s offerings. I changed the suspension to feel the road, manipulated the pickup to make it feel like I was piloting a rocket ship and felt the smooth ride for the entirety, almost an hour.


I consider myself lucky to have been able to drive the DBS Superleggera. Anyone staying at a property with the experience on offer should make time for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.





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