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Atlas Obscura Releases Lineup of Trips Coming in 2023

by Aoife O'Riordan

May 23, 2022

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Popular travel and entertainment company Atlas Obscura recently unveiled its highly anticipated lineup of trips scheduled for 2023. Under the theme “Expand Your World,” Atlas Obscura created trips taking guests off the mainstream path to discover new and unique adventures and sites around the world.


One of the most exciting new trips to come in 2023 takes travelers through the depths of Peru. This groundbreaking trip traces the living legacy of the Incan empire from Machu Picchu to one of the last Incan rope bridges. This tour, limited to 12–14 people, leads travelers to 16 locations, a record number for an Atlas Obscura itinerary. In addition to visiting Machu Picchu and one of the last Incan rope bridges, the tour also dives into modern Peruvian culture in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Travelers have the chance to see the Nazca Lines from above, walk the Inca Trail and interact with local artisans along the way.


“It was very important for us to put a spotlight on people from local communities and work with locally-owned businesses in the creation of our Peru trip,” said Sofia Montezo Campian, program manager, Trips at Atlas Obscura. “Our incredible guides and contacts in the community know these destinations better than anyone in the world, and are very much a part of this trip’s story. As we built out our itinerary, we wanted to tell their stories and highlight the people and places that make Peru so special.”


Another tour coming in 2023 takes travelers to Nova Scotia on a seven-day journey along its coast. Guests will spend a day with a lobster fisherman, participate in old-world traditions at barroom singalongs, watch whales emerge from the water’s surface, search for precious gems along the coast and catch crustaceans hiding in the bays.


The Lord of the Rings fans will rejoice with Atlas Obscura’s 13-day New Zealand tour, bringing them to fjords, bioluminescent grottos and geothermal phenomena. This tour takes travelers from the North to the South Island, where guests meet with local Māori communities, experience panoramic views, travel by traditional Māori canoes to the mythic Mount Maunganui, and take a helicopter to a glacier-fed waterfall.


Visit here to see the full line-up of Atlas Obscura’s 2023 trips.


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