Atrium DUMBO

by Katie Skrzek

May 20, 2019

Brooklyn Bridge © Ninotti | Dreamstime

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On a recent visit to Brooklyn, my husband and I met with friends for brunch at Atrium DUMBO ( The chic restaurant is located right near the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn’s trendy DUMBO neighborhood.


Our group of six arrived in time for our reservation and was seated immediately. Atrium DUMBO serves up a contemporary French menu. The dining room has an industrial yet inviting vibe. Our waiter came over shortly after we were seated to take drink orders and ask if we had any questions. I ordered an orange juice and we decided to split an order of buttermilk biscuits with jam and butter for the table.


When our waiter brought out our drinks and biscuits, he said they included extra complimentary biscuits since we were a bigger group. The rich, flaky treat was a great start to the meal. While I was tempted by several entrées, I decided on the omelet with ham, Gruyere and mushrooms with a side salad and toast. As far as omelets go, this was pretty perfect. The eggs were fluffy and had a perfect egg-to-filling ratio.


Despite being packed from the brunch crowd, the restaurant was quiet enough for us all to catch up. Our waiter kept our water glasses full and didn’t rush us through the meal.


Atrium DUMBO is a great spot for brunch in Brooklyn.


Atrium DUMBO

15 Main St.

Brooklyn, NY 11201

tel 718 858 1095


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