Attending a Montréal Canadiens Hockey Game

by Erich Martin

Mar 6, 2019

© Chrishowey | Dreamstime

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The Montréal Canadiens is the ice hockey team based out of Bell Centre in Montréal. One of the original six teams in the league, the organization has a dedicated following that packs the arena every night.


As far as fan bases go, the Canadiens’ is one of the most passionate in the hockey world. Season in and out, the Habs are the hometown heroes.


If you are staying at a hotel in downtown Montréal, getting to the Bell Centre is a cinch. You can get there via the interior city, especially convenient in bad weather. If you are away from the concourse, the subway has a stop just steps from the entrance to the center.


The center has room for 21,273 people, and when the Canadiens are in the middle of a close match, the energy is palpable. Even the seats in the highest sections provide an excellent view of the action. Recent renovations give the center all-new concessions, providing a greater range of products for people with different tastes and dietary restrictions.


With one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire NHL, it is easy to see where the incredible energy comes from at every home game. The stadium sells out more often than not, so if you want to make a Habs game part of your Montréal itinerary, you need to start planning early.

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