Avoid Complete Disaster if Your Purse is Stolen

by Eugenia Lazaris

May 24, 2019

© Dmitry Kalinovsky | Dreamstime

Tips / Safety

When you are home and lose your purse, it can be extremely problematic. When you are traveling and it happens, it can be disastrous. While the event itself can’t be undone, following a few simple steps can help lessen the sting.

Never have your phone remember passwords for your accounts. Not doing so can be like extending an invitation to thieves to access your personal information.

Cancel your bank and credit cards immediately. Keeping a list of your credit card company phone numbers isn’t much help if that list is in your purse. Play it safe and email it to yourself so you can immediately contact your creditors and cancel your cards. You can access that email from anywhere you have internet access. Only the names and phone numbers are necessary — leave the card numbers out of it in case you get hacked.

File a police report, if possible. This can help mitigate your financial responsibility should someone get ahold of your personal info and rake up debt in your name. In turn, notify the credit reporting agencies like Experian and Equifax — they can apply a hold to your social security number to ensure no accounts are opened without your knowledge.

As soon as possible, change the locks on your home. If your keys are in your purse, they will be pretty easy to match up with the address on your ID card.

If you had money or valuables in your purse, consider filing a claim with your homeowner’s policy if you’ve got one. Even if the loss occurs outside of the home, the purse and its contents are still part of your personal property and are often covered under these policies.


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