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Avoid Stress on a Family Trip

by Katie Skrzek

Jun 29, 2020

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Tips / Travel

Travel can be a stressful experience regardless of your companions. When you’re with family, there can be complex relationships to deal with in addition to the regular travel stressors. Follow our suggestions for having a stress-free family vacation.


Agree on a Destination
This may seem simple, but it’s important everyone agrees on the destination. Choose a place you’re all excited to visit and that will help start the trip on the right foot.


Book Direct Flights
When possible, opt to book a direct flight instead of having to deal with the added stress of making a connection with your group.


Don’t Fill Your Schedule
It may be tempting to schedule every minute of your trip to maximize your time, but you’ll be happier and more relaxed if you include downtime. You can even schedule blocks of downtime if that’s easier for the group. However you go about it, aim to spend time truly relaxing.


Spend Time Alone
While the whole point of a family vacation is to spend quality time together, it’s also important to know when to split up. If there’s an activity you really want to do and no one else is interested, do it! You can meet up with the group when you’re done.


Know Your Limits
If you have that one relative you always butt heads with, know your limits. Don’t bring up politics or family drama, or whatever it is that bothers you both. If things are starting to get heated, walk away. Don’t ruin the vacation with a fight.


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