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Azuluna Delivers Farm-Fresh, Healthy Meals to Eastern U.S. States

by Holly Riddle

Jan 28, 2020

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Live in the eastern half of the United States? You can get fresh meals sourced from New England farms from Azuluna. The healthy meal service provider was founded by a group of Connecticut-based farmers, chefs and nutritionists, with an aim to provide New England locals with well-balanced entrees and side dishes that support New England farms. Now, the business has expanded beyond New England.


“We want to give [our customers] access to farm-to-table cuisine that makes it easy to eat in a totally healthy, nutritious way,” said Ken Rapoport, co-founder, Azuluna. “Azuluna aims to positively impact people’s health and New England communities by providing great-tasting nutritious meals, sourced from regional farmers, who grow food responsibly.”


“Our team of culinary professionals, supported by trained nutritional experts, use innovative cooking techniques like steaming, simmering, braising and roasting to keep meals healthy and low in calories without sacrificing flavor,” added Rachael LaPorte, co-founder, Azuluna.


Azuluna creates meals from seasonal and sustainable produce, with all meals combining lean proteins, healthy fats and slow-acting carbohydrates. Meals are shipped each Monday and arrive in homes within a day or two. Shipments arrive either every week or every two weeks and you can purchase a subscription for six, eight or 16 meals. Subscriptions start at $15 per meal, or $90 per box.


While free shipping is available to Azuluna’s current shipping area of 19 states in the eastern half of the United States, customers in the rest of the continental United States can purchase a subscription and pay $50 per box for two-day air shipping.


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