Bachelor Party in Bratislava

by Benjamin Kerns

Aug 20, 2019

Old Town, Bratislava, Slovakia © Milan Gonda | Dreamstime

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Slovakia’s charming capital is somewhat overshadowed by its more opulent neighbors, but Bratislava has a thriving bar and party culture that makes it perfect for a stag weekend.


Before the drinking begins you’ll want to take in the historic sites the city has to offer. Start with a stroll through Old Town, exploring the cobblestone streets and sampling the delicious fare of the area’s numerous cafés. You’ll also want to check out Michael’s Gate. Built in in 1300, it’s the only surviving medieval gate in Bratislava. The climb up the tower offers tremendous views of the cityscape.


The city is littered with unique sculptures. The quirky characters and odd positions of the statues make them a favorite among tourists, who can’t help but strike a pose when they stumble upon one.

Once night falls, get ready to cut loose! Masquerade Club is arguably the highlight of Bratislava’s bustling nightlife scene, and boasts an impressive array of live music, a large dance floor and some pretty unique cocktails. The Club Bratislava, another local favorite, features a massive dance floor, theme nights where women come dressed in fun outfits, go-go dancers and 10 VIP boxes you can book ahead of time. Just make sure to dress up, as casual is a no-go here. There’s also Strip Club Paradise, a popular spot for bachelor parties for reasons you can probably guess.



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