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Basic Italian Phrases to Learn

by Jack Guy

Jul 10, 2019

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Learning the basics of a language is a great way to make any trip more enjoyable. Even just saying hello when you enter a shop, or knowing how to order food, can make for a much more sociable experience.


Here are some of the most useful Italian phrases to get your head around before you travel.


Hello: Ciao

Good morning: Buon giorno

Goodbye: Ciao

Please: Per favore

Thank you: Grazie

Yes: Si

No: No

How much?: Quanto?

Excuse me: Mi scusi

How are you?: Come va?

Airport: Aeroporto

Train station: Stazione ferroviaria

Ticket: Biglietto

Bathroom: Bagno

Where is the bathroom?: Dov’è il bagno?

Bank: Banca

ATM: Bancomat

Do you speak English?: Parla Inglese?

I don’t speak Italian: Non parlo Italiano

The bill, please: Il conto, per favore

I’m sorry: Mi dispiace

Alright: Va bene

Can I have the menu, please?: Potrei avere il menu, per favore?


While you won’t be able to hold more than a basic conversation, these phrases will at least help you ask for directions if you are lost, buy things in the market or communicate what you want at a restaurant.







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