Be a Good Tourist in High Travel Times

by Anne Flannery

Nov 7, 2018

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Tips / Travel

There are different ways to be a good tourist. A lot of travel blogs focus on blending in and etiquette, both excellent endeavors. Learning some phrases in the target language and having an understanding of how to tip, or what sort of body language or dress is expected in public, are essential tasks to look into ahead of time.

There is a lot of emphasis on blending in and acting like a local, which is great, but it is important to remember cultures and places are living, breathing and changing. As a tourist, it is essential to get in the mindset of being a guest. A country and its people host you while you are within their borders. No amount of research can take away this reality.

The guest mindset can open you up to cultural exchange in a way that even attempting to live like a local cannot. Ask questions, observe, be mindful of your differences and enjoy all of the new experiences without any expectation of successfully achieving a goal.

With this in mind, taking care of the host country’s environment is also essential. Travel produces a lot of waste, whether it is in the form of take-out cups or travel products. Make an effort to drink coffees in cafés and to sit down at eateries or eat at people’s homes to reduce this kind of waste. Slow down the travel process, put your phone down and open yourself up to the people around you.

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