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Bee Delightful CBD Honey

by Holly Riddle

Aug 20, 2019

© Oleg Dudko – Dreamstime.com

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Bee Delightful combines two trends to create one new product. CBD and saving the bees come together in Bee Delightful’s CBD-infused raw honey.


Bee Delightful, in addition to its line of CBD products, relocates bee colonies to chemical-free properties at no cost to communities, so bees have a better chance of surviving and pollinating to their full potential. Within Bee Delightful’s first year, it will save 1 million bees and relocate 40 colonies.


After the bees are properly rehabilitated, Bee Delightful harvests a small portion of the honey the bees produce, to use in the company’s products. The Austin-based company has two rescue operators and seeks out homes and farms that need bees removed.


Currently, Bee Delightful is offering two varieties of its Texas Wildflower Canna Bees Rescue Blend, a 250-milligram and a 500-milligram offering, each made with high potency hemp extract.


The blend is created from clean, pesticide-free honey — those non-essential stores from the rehabilitated bees and relocated hives — and pure hemp extra organically grown and processed in Colorado. The honey is raw, meaning it’s not been heated past pasteurization, and so the enzymes that give honey its nutritional value and other positive qualities have not been killed. These positive qualities include antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal benefits and honey’s use as a digestive aid and sore throat remedy.


At a serving of 1 tablespoon, each jar contains 18 servings and starts at $39.


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